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Types Of Flat Roofing

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Types Of Flat Roofing

We have the knowledge and skill to fit, repair and maintain a wide range of flat roofs. Many customers ask us what sort of flat roofing is best, though there is not a set answer. The most suitable flat roofing system for you will depend on your personal price range and unique preferences. Our experts can provide you with all the advice you need and can make recommendations on roofs for contemporary flat roofed homes, extensions and outbuildings. No matter the roofing system you select, you can rest assured we will install it to the utmost standards to ensure it stands the test of time. Moreover, we provide our customers with guarantees and warranties.

To help you decide on your roofing, here is a guide on the types of roofing we fit:

Bitumen Felt Flat Roofing

Applying felt to roofs which is treated with bitumen is the traditional technique for coating flat roofs. This technique is still widely used today. What’s more, the materials and methods are far higher in quality. Bitumen felt roofs are incredibly durable and strong enough to uphold gravel, tiles and withstand heavy footfall.

Made from waterproof bitumen membranes torched on over roof deck insulation, flat roofs form an affordable warm roof that can last for well over a decade if properly cared for.

Fibreglass GRP Flat Roofing

Fibreglass, or glass reinforced plastic, has been around for many years. This material is long lasting and waterproof and therefore, can be used on products including surfboards and boats. It is these qualities that make it an excellent coating for flat roofs. Glass reinforced plastic, or GRP, is easy to apply and dries to a solid, non slip surface with an appealing finish. Perhaps the only downfall of this product is that it cannot be applied in wet weather conditions.

Here at our company, we provide our customers with a 25 year guarantee on GRP flat roofs, though there is a strong likelihood they could last a lot longer. We are proud to work with Res Tec Flexitec, a product that is high in flexibility, enabling us to coat a broad range of surfaces. No matter the shape or size of your roof, you can rest assured that this system will seamlessly mould to it.

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