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A Few Things To Think About When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

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A Few Things To Think About When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Searching for the right roofing contractor can be quite daunting. You want to get value for money, rather than be tricked by amateur traders. Every customer deserves to get quality results and craftsmanship from the team they have hired. No one wants to realise, when their project is halfway to completion, that they should have opted for a different team.

Our guide covers the main points you should keep in mind when selecting a roofer.

Ask for quotations from a minimum of three different roofing companies.

This will give you a rough outline on how much the project should cost. The quotations should be around the same price and if they’re hugely different, there is cause for concern. In this instance, you should ask the contractor for an explanation. Be aware that quotations may be adapted if unforeseen issues arise during the project.

Ask for a break down of what the job involves

Pay close attention to what the contractor mentions, as this will indicate the project process and their precise plans. You may also get a sense, from their body language, of whether they are being truthful or not. It essential that you choose a qualified team, rather than amateurs, to ensure you receive quality workmanship. It is also important that you do not pay out for a quote or estimate.

Research the companies

You should read up on the companies that you are getting an estimate from. Any established and reputable business would be willing to share information about themselves and their services. Just a few questions you should pose, include:

– How long has your business been established for?

– Please can you show me images of your previous work?

– Can you give me examples of projects you have completed in the local area?

– What accreditations to you possess?

– Have customers written reviews on your services on any external sites?

Learn about the company's methods

You would think that the answers to some of these questions would be obvious, though it is essential that they are asked if they were not included in the first estimate. The questions that will help you to pick the right company include:

– How long will the project take from start through to completion?

– Will you get rid of my old roof?

– What days and hours can you work on my roof?

– Will your work interfere with my residential or commercial activities?

– Will you clear away any mess you make during the project?

Are They Insured?

Employers liability insurance for the company’s employees, plus vehicle insurance is the only insurance that the law demands. Nevertheless, if a company can state and prove that they have insurance to cover the majority of scenarios, they will be more trustworthy. No one wants to be in the position where an accident occurs and an insurance claim needs to be made. Therefore, you can have additional peace of mind knowing that you are insured, whatever issue arises. You should ask any company that you are considering having work completed by, the following questions:

– Is your work available with a guarantee? If it is, how long does this guarantee last?

– Are all necessary products and workmanship included in the guarantee?

– Confirm what cover you will be entitled to if the company becomes bankrupt.

– Are you in possession of public liability insurance?


Other Things You Should Know

When selecting a roofing contractor, you should also consider:

– What are the contingency plans if the project exceeds the planned time frame or budget?

– Whose responsibility is it to attain what is required for building regulations compliance?

– Finalising payment terms before any work starts.

– The entire project should not be paid for upfront, before work begins.

– If something sounds too good to be true, in the majority of instances, it is.

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