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Tiled Roofing Truro

If you require tiled roofing in Truro or a surrounding location of Cornwall, get in touch for a free quote and expert advice. We provide a wide range of services for pitched roofs including re-roofing and the supply and installation roof tiles and slates. Over the years, we have installed thousands of square feet of slates and tiles for many happy customers. Whether you would like a concrete, clay, or slate roof, we can install your roof professionally. If you are uncertain on the sort of roof that would suit your property, we can advise you. Moreover, if you need to replace damaged or missing roof tiles, we can source tiles to match your existing roof.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch today to make an enquiry about tiled roof installation

Roof Replacement

Even a minor opening in your roof can result in leaks and damp that can spread to rafters, beams and enter ceilings and walls. Therefore, you should always call an expert as soon as you notice a breach. It requires significant skill to lay a roof correctly. Indeed, there are several different patterns and methods that may need adopting. This will be dependent upon slate size, exposure degree and roof pitch. Furthermore, flashing work to keep out water is a specialist skill and it is vital that the headlap is correct.

Here at our company, we can thoroughly check underlying felt and roof battens to determine if there is an ingress of moisture and whether or not a roof replacement is required. From the planning, tile supply and assessment of weight impact through to the timber work, removing old roofing and installing the purlins, trusses and underlayment, we offer a comprehensive and professional roof replacement service.

Slate Roofing

Slate is a rock that comes from a shale type sedimentary rock, made from volcanic or clay ash. This material is very long-lasting and can offer effective protection for hundreds of years. A slate roof boasts natural beauty, so it will improve the appearance of your home. Moreover, slate is mould and fire resistant, alongside many other attractive qualities.

Get in touch with our team of professionals today to arrange a site visit. We can inspect your property and determine whether slate would be an appropriate tile type for your house.

Roof Tile Types

There a many different roof tile types to choose from, so it is understandable if you are not sure where to look first. Just a few types of roof tile that we are experienced in fitting include modern imitation slate, clay and concrete tiles. Modern imitation slate tiles make for an excellent choice if you would like an eco friendly solution. Furthermore, as a highly durable product, you can rest assured that this material will endure the unpredictable British weather. This type of tile is simple to fit, making for an affordable installation. Moreover, being lightweight, imitation slate is suitable for most homes and buildings.

If you appreciate a Spanish or Mediterranean aesthetic, clay might be the right option for you. These tiles look great with all sorts of sidings, including brick and stone and are highly durable. In addition, this product offers exceptional insulative properties since they allow air to circulate underneath and can withstand extreme weather events. Produced from natural materials, concrete tiles also make for an environmentally friendly choice. Furthermore, being highly robust, you can have confidence that they will stand the test of time. They are also simple to maintain, install and are available in many styles including interlocking, curved, flat and fluted to suit your preferences and needs. To learn more or enquire which product would be most suitable for your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tile Roofing Cost

The tile roofing cost is calculated on a case by case basis as various factors need to be considered, though we always keep our prices affordable. If you would like to arrange a free quote, please get in touch.

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Call Cornwall Flat Roofing if you require tile roofing in Truro or a surrounding area including St Austell, St Ives, Bodmin or Newquay. We are reputable for performing top quality roof installation for an affordable cost.
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