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SkyVac – Gutter Cleaning

It is important to keep gutters, valleys and downpipes clear of leaves, moss, debris, anything really! We quite often get calls asking us to come out and provide a quote for a leaking roof, and when Adrian, our surveyor, arrives, he can quite quickly fix the leak just by removing debris that has got itself blocked in a gutter or valley that has caused water to build up and create a leak! Gutters, valleys and downpipes and so often forgotten about until a problem occurs.

Living in Cornwall, there is one thing that we can guarantee and not prevent .. water falling from the sky! Throw into the mix wind, leaves from your neighbours tree or maybe even gravel from a flat roof – it all builds up in your gutters, downpipes or valleys.

Gutter cleaning can quite often be a discouraging task, putting a ladder up and reacting in while somebody holds the ladder. Trying to balance holding the ladder with one hand and a bucket and brush in the other hand. Then you have the worry of putting too much pressure on the gutters resting a ladder on them.. No thank you!

We’ve purchased a SkyVac to clean your gutters, valleys and downpipes. The SkyVac is a vacuum with a long pole that has a vacuum and camera on the end. We can show you all the moss, leaves and debris before the cleaning begins and then after when the SkyVac has removed it all.

We recommend you have your gutters cleaned once a year, around autumn time, just as the weather starts to turn wet and cold. This way you can have a stress free winter knowing the gutters have been dealt with.
Contact us and we can come out and give you a free, no obligation quote for our SkyVac services!


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