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If you want the best protection that you can get for your flat roof, then talk to Cornwall Flat Roofing about the superior, advanced liquid waterproofing system known as Hydrostop AH-25.

If you’re scientifically minded, this great liquid waterproofing system is based on alpha-hybrid, silane terminated polyether technology. In layman’s language, this means it is a one-component liquid waterproofing system, fully reinforced with a polyester membrane. The beauty of it is that it cures quickly, and can be applied to the roof in any weather.

The Cornwall Flat Roofing team favour the Hydrostop AH-25 liquid waterproofing system because it is ready to use, quick and easy to apply, and is not hazardous, having little smell and containing no solvents. Unlike bituminous membranes, the liquid waterproofing system can be applied cold and does not require any hot torch bonding process.

This liquid waterproofing system is suitable for small residential roofs, or large commercial projects, whether it is a new roof or a roof refurbishment. It is also suitable for most surfaces, so is ideal for re-coating failed single ply roofs. The technology involved in this liquid waterproofing system means it is fully re-inforced with polyester fabric, yet has excellent elasticity and great tensile strength. It bonds to seams, welds, joints and other detailing, and can also be used to waterproof gutters.

This high-performance product is applied in three stages. First a basecoat is brushed or rollered on to the substrate. The reinforced polyester fabric is then laid on the liquid, which is absorbed. The expert roofing team make sure that the fabric is smooth with no creases or air bubbles before applying a topcoat of the waterproofing liquid with a brush or roller. Once cured, the result is a smooth, seamless, unblemished, waterproof finish.

Hydrostop AH-25 dries to a glossy slate grey colour, but custom colours can be obtained for clients by request. Colours are popular for roof terraces and balconies. Liquid roof waterproofing can also be used to create “green roofs” when applied underneath the soil on a roof garden.

Cornwall Flat Roofing recommends liquid waterproofing roof systems particularly for new builds, or for refurbishing existing flat roofs on large commercial buildings, because it can be applied over various materials such as felt, concrete, asphalt, metal and even asbestos to provide long-lasting protection.

The Cornwall Flat Roofing team have been trained to apply the Hydrostop AH-25 liquid waterproofing solution. They have years of experience in using the “wet-on-wet” liquid waterproofing system they offer, preferring it because being able to apply the topcoat without waiting for the basecoat to dry eliminates any possibility of thin patches being accidently left. This means the waterproof integrity of the roof is guaranteed.

Liquid roofing is known to be not only highly efficient, but also one of the most cost effective ways of waterproofing a new or existing flat roof. According to the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association the longevity of a correctly installed and maintained liquid roofing system means a saving of up to 70% on roof replacement costs over the long term.


Hydrostop AH-25 is typically applied to anything, including

  • Recoating unsuccessful single ply roofs
  • Green and brown roofs, living walls
  • New build, repair or refurbishment developments
  • Balconies, terraces and walkways.
  • Complex detailing
  • Warm and cold roofs
  • Waterproofing fibre cement or asbestos
  • Waterproofing drainage channels and valley gutters

This is a great system that benefits from,

  • Being a cost effective wet-on-wet system
  • Having no hazardous chemicals, which means it can be used on schools, food production buildings, hospitals, etc.
  • It can be applied all year round!
  • Its fully reinforced with a polyester fabric.
  • It’s great for complex detailing
  • BBA certified & fire tested to DD ENV 1187:2002 (Fire Rating Is BroofT4)
  • A 25-year guarantee!

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