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Cornwall Flat Roofing are fully qualified and skilled in installing a range of felt flat roofing systems. The firm have been roofing across Cornwall for around 50 years, keeping homes and commercial buildings warm and weatherproof from their central base in Truro.

Each flat roof felt system has special properties, so Adrian from Cornwall Flat Roofing will survey your property and advise you which products would be suitable for use on your roof.

Traditionally residential flat roofs were weather-proofed with a few layers of felt treated with bitumen. Bitumen membranes are still commonly used but due to a great deal of product development in recent decades their quality and durability has increased dramatically compared to the bituminous felt used in our grandparents’ day. Bitumen membranes serve to waterproof the flat roof, and are usually placed over a layer of insulation above the roof deck, creating what is known in the trade as a “warm roof”.

Once the bitumen membranes have been unrolled and stuck to the roof (using various bonding methods, usually torching), the roof can be coated with stone chippings or tiles. If the roof structure is strong enough it could be used for a terrace or balcony.

Felt roofs have a fairly long life, and can be repaired if damaged, but generally if a roof has degraded because of age and wear, it is best to replace the roof, particularly if the roof deck is wet or water is ponding on the roof.

If you are having problems with your flat felt roof contact Cornwall Flat Roofing who will investigate and determine why it is failing. You’ll receive a no-obligation quotation for repairs or replacement, and Adrian will explain the options for making the roof sound again.

If you are having a new flat roof installed, you can choose from one of four systems supplied by Cornwall Flat Roofing to suit your needs and budget

We supply and fix a variety of felt systems to suit both customers’ needs and budget. Adrian will talk to you about this when he comes to do the survey.



We are approved contractors to install Garland! This torch-on system are some of the strongest, toughest modified bitumen membranes available. The develop combinations of materials to make high-strength reinforcements, ensuring their customers receive the maximum life-cycle return on roofing investments. We use Garland quite often on bigger jobs with the help of Justyn, who writes regular reports and provides a Partner Pledge guarantee.


Technatorch has been developed for use in high performance built-up systems on all types of roofs. It is polyester is reinforced and impregnated, then coated with in SBS modified bitumen. The finish surface is coated with mineral granules in either green, brown, charcoal or blue-grey colour.  This typically holds a 15 or 20-year guarantee.

This can be done with vapour control, to help protect the room or building from condensation.


The SIGnature Torch on felt system is a fire-retardant formulation that is polyester reinforced. It claims to achieve an EXT.F.AA fire rating, as standard. It is available in 2 mineral finishes black (charcoal) or green. This typically holds a 20 or 25-year guarantee, depending on if underlay is used.


Anderson’s is a more economical roofing membrane that is glass fibre based, coated with oxidised bitumen. This typically holds a 10-year guarantee.


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