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Balconies are a great addition to a property when you live somewhere as beautiful as Cornwall! We can provide you a wide range of options on how to finish a new or existing balcony or terrace. We like to hear how you hope for it to look, so we can suggest options that we can provide to make in beautiful and want to use it more!

Location and surrounding need to be taken into consideration, this will have an impact on your choice of roofing materials and finishes. If the balcony is close to the sea, it will need a different material than something more inland.

Budget is also a huge factor, which we need to consider.

Materials are an important thing to think about, a lot of surface finishes will need to be hardwearing and non-slip, but something you would put on a beachfront balcony would be completely different to something on a balcony in the countryside. We can discuss that when we come to visit.

Finishing the balcony or terrace is probably at the front of your mind. You may want Rubber tiles, beautiful tiles, or a green balcony with real grass. We can help you decide how you would like it to look as the end product.

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